MOONEH LLC, Jebel Ali Commercial Complex, Gate 1, WH 21 (Dubai - UAE)


premium quality label premium, organic fresh product label

We make everything from scratch and use organic ingredients. We bake everything fresh to order. Choose from a selection of bakes listed in this store or get in touch and tell us what you are craving.

DS Maamool معمول تمر، جوز، وفستق MOONEH Catering from Dhs. 120.00 Dhs. 120.00
DS Sesame Kaek كعك بالسمسم MOONEH Catering from Dhs. 60.00 Dhs. 60.00
Palestinian Taboon Bread خبز الطابون الفلسطيني MOONEH LLC Dhs. 28.00 Dhs. 28.00
DS Walnut Baklawa Tray صنية بقلاوة بالجوز MOONEH Catering Dhs. 150.00 Dhs. 150.00
Stuffed Madjool Dates تمر محشي MOONEH Catering Dhs. 180.00 Dhs. 180.00
Arabic Coffee قهوة عربية MOONEH Catering from Dhs. 100.00 Dhs. 100.00