MOONEH LLC, Jebel Ali Commercial Complex, Gate 1, WH 21 (Dubai - UAE)


For The Cooks

We offer a range of frozen foods ready for you to cook at home/restaurant.

This range includes ready to cook ingredients, frozen ready to bake breads and pastries, prepared vegetables, ready to cook rolled vine leaves and rolled cabbages...etc.

explore the list of products offered here and let us know if there is anything you need but can't find in the list, we will make it for you.

Frozen Meat Samboosik سمبوسك باللحمة MOONEH LLC Dhs. 140.00 Dhs. 140.00
DS Frozen Rolled Vine Leaves ورق عنب جاهز للطبخ مفرز MOONEH LLC Sold Out Sold Out
DS Frozen Malfoof (Rolled Cabbage Leaves) ملفوف مفرز MOONEH LLC Dhs. 75.00 Dhs. 75.00
DS Frozen Shishbarak شيشبرك مفرز MOONEH LLC Dhs. 75.00 Dhs. 75.00
DS Frozen Kubbeh كبة مفرزة MOONEH LLC Dhs. 160.00 Dhs. 160.00
DS Frozen Sesame Kaek (ready to Bake) كعك بسمسم مفرز جاهز للخبز MOONEH LLC Dhs. 48.00 Dhs. 48.00
DS Jameed Balls جميد كركي MOONEH LLC Dhs. 70.00 Dhs. 70.00
Frozen Cheese Samboosik سمبوسك بالجبنة MOONEH LLC Dhs. 100.00 Dhs. 100.00