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DS Himalayan Pink Salt ملح الهملايا

Because we do not use any preservatives in making DS MOONEH Products, we have to use salt as a preservative. We do not add massive quantities however we cannot omit it completely. A lot of concern lately about the side effects of salt on health, and so after extensive research we have learnt that the minerals rich Himalayan pink salt is the healthiest salt on earth and the best salt to use where salt must be used. We make our products using this amazing salt.

Because this salt is rich in flavor you do not really need to use much of it, you will see that you will really reduce the amounts you use and so we recommend that you use only Himalayan pink salt in your daily cooking. As such we decided to make the finest quality of this salt which we use available for you and so we added it to our list of DS MOONEH Products.

You can read more about the health benefits of this salt on this link.

Our packaging is in 200g sealed bags.

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