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DS Organic Fermented Zaatar زعتر مخمر

Fermented Zaatar is an old and forgotten traditional Palestinian recipe from the villages of Deir Yaseen, where green zaatar was in demand all year round for making the specialty fresh Zaatar bread, and as such the women of those villages devised this genius recipe to preserve green Zaatar without loosing its aroma, or sharp taste, Dima created this product using the local organic variety of Zaatar.

The outcome is a delicate and very elegant flavor of green Zaatar that appeals to the fussiest of palates, even those who think they don’t like Zaatar! Tried and tested, always fail proof.

Despite the traditional name using the word “pickled” it is rather a preserved Zaatar which we ferment first, then preserve in DS Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our packaging is in 200g glass jars.