MOONEH LLC, Jebel Ali Commercial Complex, Gate 1, WH 21 (Dubai - UAE)

MOONEH LLC Food Safety Policy

The CEO of MOONEH LLC hereby announces the Food Safety Policy of the Company

  • The management and the rest of the employees of MOONEH LLCwillbe committed to continue delighting and giving customers full satisfaction.

  • MOONEH LLC has taken precautions to achieve Safe Food Preparation and System in compliance with international standards such as “Codex Alimentarius”, and the local authority standards (such as the FOOD CODE and GSO standards)

  • MOONEH LLC is committed to comply with all regulatory requirements and to continually review and improve the effectiveness of its Food Safety Management System.

  • MOONEH LLC has defined the safety policy which is commensurate with the purpose of the company.

  • MOONEH LLC is committed to the implementation of food safety policies and it has been communicated to all food service personnel.

  • Precautions are taken to avoid any type of food contamination (microbiological, physical, allergenic and chemical).

  • MOONEH LLC is committed to provide adequate premises, equipment, facilities and maintenance to achieve high standards of hygienic operation.

  • Continuous monitoring of personal hygiene and sanitary practices are followed to ensure food safety.

  • High quality raw materials and potable water are used for all food preparation.

This has been enforced and communicated to all MOONEH FOODSTUFF Supply Services LLC employees.