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Please note, all baked foods, and some KETO foods have to be ordered in advance and can't be ordered for same day delivery.This is because we do not store any ingredients and buy fresh to your order and cook/bake on confirmation. All DS Bakes & some KETO Options are subject to availability and kitchen schedule. We tend to get fully booked and therefore the earlier your place your order the better.

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what is the meaning of "MOONEH"?

MOONEH is an Arabic word that means pantry items. The Arabic pantry will usually include naturally preserved foods, dry foods, spices and oils...etc as well as food items that are prepared ready for later use, which also includes frozen foods. Usually this MOONEH ends up making all the family's meals; where some of its items will be served for breakfast, some for dinner and most items will be used in the cooking of the main meals.

The ancient Arabic wisdom believes that a house filled with MOONEH is a house able to survive anything.

why choose DS MOONEH products?

We believe that good food starts with good ingredients and we purchase, straight from the local organic farmers, organic produce that is fresh and in season. When the base ingredients are of outstanding quality, then the product will definitely be outstanding in quality. Add to that, we are known for producing really good and unforgettable flavors.

We follow old school traditional methods and do not use any chemicals or preservatives, only real wholesome ingredients and fresh produce, and so we offer you clean, healthy and wholesome food products. We focus on health, ours and the environment's and support the community we operate in.

We are also HACCP compliant and take hygiene and food safety very responsibly. We apply and conform to the highest standards of practice.

All round goodness and heartfelt stories are packed in our jars bringing back the eternal connection between land and home.

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DS Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

زيت زيتون بكر عصرة أولى عالبارد عضوي

Available in 250 & 500 ml, 4 & 16 Liters. options on the link below

متوفر ٢٥٠ و ٥٠٠ مل، ٤ و ١٦ لتر. الاختيارات في الرابط

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DS Super Tasty Gift Basket (9 products)

Super Tasty Gift Basket

سلة مونة للهدايا

Contains 9 DS MOONEH Products of your choice

تحتوي على ٩ منتجات مونة من اختياركم

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now only Dhs. 100.00

(original price Dhs. 260.00)

Hard cover, 500 pages


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We do not use any ready made products that are not our own in our food production, we make everything from scratch using only the highest quality, clean, fresh organic ingredients. Therefore, we control every flavor that is present in our products and this is why we can give you unbeatable flavors and the best quality possible. This is also why we are able to tweak our products precisely for HORECA to create bespoke ingredients to fit your operation requirements. All our operations are HACCP compliant.

We are not mass production. In fact, we are small batch, handmade, artisanal producers. We chop, slice, grate, grind, mix and jar the traditional old school way, all by hand and human made.

We are all about sustainability, from our operations practices, to farm choices, and packaging. We are very mindful about our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint, ensuring to employ the best practices to reduce those to the least impact possible.

Finally, we are CS oriented. We do our business with a socially conscious view, and are very mindful in our sourcing process. A very good example is our priority support for the local organic farmers. We source straight from them and we import only when a produce cannot naturally grow in the UAE. We are always careful in our supplier selection process and only choose those whose business practices and what they stand for comply with ours.

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Our Signature Vegge Jams

The UAE does not grow much fruits and in our support for local organic farmers, we took on jamming seasonal vegetables, based on the available local organic produce. Hence, becoming the first producers in the UAE to produce vegetable jams.

In the process we also aimed to showcase how so much can be made with vegetables where jams are concerned. Our jams being so delicious and with our constant conversations about vegetable jams in farmers markets and through our social media channels, more and more people started celebrating vegetable jams, and more foodies started talking about vegetable jams which created a whole new trend and fan wave for jamming vegetables. DS Vegge jams are where that story began and a must try if you have not already, because they are truly amazing.

We have to use sugar to preserve jam, and we do, however we only use raw, unrefined organic sugar in the making of our jam range. Also while it is the common market practice to use over 85% sugar and artificial flavorings and less than 15% fruits and vegetables, we do the total opposite, we use over 85% fruits/vegetables and less than 15% sugars in making our jams. Making our jams a much better option for you (both health wise and flavor wise).

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