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Extra Virgin Olive Oil by ASTRÆA زيت زيتون آستريا اليوناني

The olive tree has been cultivated around the Mediterranean area for at least 2500 years and the extract of its fruit, Olive oil, has been a key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet ever since.

The Astræa Olive farm, owned and run by the Stavrianaki family, finds itself on the remote island of Samothraki, on the northeast part of Greece. The farm is situated in an ancient olive tree cultivation site and has been passed down for generations.

A host of procedures are taking place to ensure that the end result of the long process of olive pressing, produces a fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category. Purely mechanical methods (no chemicals) and cold extraction are employed to extract the oils of the olive fruit. Olives are handpicked and sent for extraction on the same day.

Seasonality:The time of olive harvest varies in Greece, typically ranging from September to late February, depending on the latitude. On the island of Samothrace harvest takes place in the first week of October.

Health benefits:In the last decades Olive Oil has become increasingly popular all over the world largely due to its health benefits. Olive oil was brought into the spotlight after results from ‘The Seven Countries Study’ started pouring out. The main findings on the benefits of Olive Oil include the protection from heart disease and strokes. ‘Extra Virgin’ is a prestigious title bestowed upon Olive Oils that comply with regulations regarding the levels of healthy constituents present in the Olive Oil.

Uses:Olive Oil is an essential and versatile ingredient in the kitchen. From the simplest salad dressing to a complex meat seasoning, olive oil finds its way in all of our food, in the most delicious and healthy way.

Packaging: Available in 500 ml clear bottles, 500 ml dark bottles and 5 Lt tins.