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DS Frozen Kubbeh كبة مفرزة

FROZEN PRODUCT LABELOrganic Label Locally grown, fresh from the farm label Premium Quality Label

Everyone loves Kubbeh. But everyone dreads the prep part. This is especially made for busy families, working people who do not have the time needed for preparing Kubbeh, yet would still love to cook this at home. We took away the time consuming prep and did it for you, exactly as you would make it at home, home made quality and not commercial quality using the best ingredients.

The filling is the classic minced lamb meat cooked with onions, garlic and seasoned with DS Kubbeh Spices. 

Contains pine nuts, gluten.

Once purchased you can either continue freezing until needed or thaw and cook straight away.

Our packaging is 20 pieces ready to cook Kubbeh in freezer safe bags. 


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