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DS Frozen Sesame Kaek (ready to Bake) كعك بسمسم مفرز جاهز للخبز

FROZEN PRODUCT LABELOrganic Label Locally grown, fresh from the farm label Premium Quality Label

Everyone loves DS Sesame Kaeks and everyone loves straight out of the oven Kaeks to savor at breakfast. We have made these ready top bake frozen sesame Kaeks for you to bake at home, this way you bake the quantity that you need anytime and you always serve them straight out of the oven.

All you need to do is thaw and bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes then serve.

Contains Gluten, Sesame seeds.

Once purchased you can either continue freezing until needed or thaw and bake straight away.

Our packaging is 12 Kaeks in freezer safe bags. 


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