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DS Dry Organic Mint نعنع ناشف عضوي

Dhs. 55.00

Good quality, aromatic and organic dry mint is hard to find. The ones available have little to no aroma, and almost no taste at all. This is why I decided, inspired by a customer's request for good quality dry mint, to add this amazing herb to our list of products.

We buy the mint straight from the farmers and dry them in-house. We need 2 Kg fresh mint to get 100g of dry mint. It takes a lot of work but very well worth the time and effort as this is aromatic, flavourfull and organic too.

Serving Suggestions:

Use to add mint flavour to your salads, sandwiches, with labneh, and in your cooking and marinades. Try this with your Kusa Bil Laban and see the difference! You can even use this in making the famous lamb acompaniment "mint sauce" absolutely delicious.


Packaging: 100g biodegradable bags