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DS Dry Sage ميرمية ناشفة عضوي

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Are you like me, not convinced wit the dry sage we get these days? Yes, because it really does not smell like what sage smells like!! You open this bag and there is no way you will miss the aroma that comes out! This is how sage is supposed to be. Imagine that proper cup of tea infused with sage that you had back in the day, or that Turkey or pasts infused with sage... this will take you right there, the aroma, the texture and absolutely the flavour.


This is so pungent, a very small amount goes a very long way.


Serving Suggestions:

Use to infuse with tea, to add sage flavour to pastas and roasted poultry. Boil with water and use to treat any stomach upsets too!


Packaging: 20g biodegradable bags 

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