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DS Sheep Milk Akkawi Cheese جبنة عكاوي من حليب النعاج

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This cheese is a traditional Palestinian white cheese, the specialty of the city Akka. A very mildly salty cheese, made using sheep milk and matured in brine. This cheese has the long shelf life of over 1 year as are the variety of traditional Palestinian cheeses that are matured in brine. 

How to prepare this cheese for eating/using:

We are selling the hard un soaked cheese in it maturing brine. This is because it lasts longer in its brine than it does when its soaked. At home, you will soak in fresh water for a day to reduce the saltiness and to soften a bit and then serve. You must know that the more you soak the more tender and sweeter it gets. If you want to use in savory applications do not soak for long, and for sweet applications soak until you reach the desired sweetness.

Shelf life:

Soaked cheese lasts up to a week. In brine cheese lasts for over a year.

Serving suggestions:

Akkawi cheese is darling for baking, it is very widely used in making manakish and pastries. It is also used in making desserts such as knafe. Fantatsic for Samboosik, cheese rolls and all types of cheese fillings and sauces too.

It is very palatable in cheese melts and sandwiches. served with sliced vegetables, pita bread and tea, or even cubed and added to salads. This is a tasty cheese however way you have it, it is unique and super delicious.


Our packaging is in 400g or 1 Kg vacuum bags.

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