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DS Carob and Tahini دبس وطحينة

Carob & Tahini is a traditional Levantine mix (aka: dibs o tahini), savored by all countries of the Levant as a breakfast item, a dessert and a sweet snack. This is a mix of our own outstanding DS Pure Sesame Tahini, and our DS Carob Molasses. Mixed together they make a caramel texture and a flavor not short of caramel sweet however, cane sugar free. Carob is naturally sweet, like dates, and carob right now is one of the most celebrated super foods.

You and your children will love this, I use it to frost tahini cake, and use it in homemade desserts, as well as to fill cupcakes, praline chocolates...etc. Use it as.a caramel substitute it works very well as such.

Literally use anywhere you would use chocolate or caramel. Or simply Spread over toasted bread and indulge in this amazing, nutty, eathy and sweet flavor.


 Comes ready in 200g glass jars

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