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DS Labneh balls (Cow Milk ) لبنة مكعبلة من الحليب البقري

Dhs. 55.00

These Labneh balls are made using 100% natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free cow milk which after draining is cured and rolled then preserved in olive oil. The milk we use for making this Labneh is sourced locally, therefore, this product is the produce of the UAE.

Serving Suggestions:

Whether spread on bread as the main event, or a base to other toppings, or even if served on your cheese platter, or crumbled on top of salads this amazing treat is always delicios! You will also love using them as spread under your avocado toast, they just add that little extra flavor making such a simple snack a glorious treat.

KIDS LOVE ROLLED LABNEH, so this makes a perfect breakfast option and a perfect sandwich filling. Paired with cucumbers and or tomatoes, no one in your house will be able to resist this!


Our packaging is in 500g glass jars