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DS Fermented Mixed Vegetables خضار مشكل بروبايوتيك

DS Fermented Mixed Vegetables is spin off Kimchi/ Sauerkraut, it is the same probiotic benefit, just has more of a Mediterranean palate. Regardless of the eater’s palate, background or preferred cuisine, no one ever tasted this pickle without completely savoring its flavour. Everyone loves this one!

The milder fermented flavor, is due to the fact that it is fully reliant on vegan ferment rather than any animal ferment as with the Korean Kimchi, which relies on fermented fish. That said, it has all the same health benefits and packs the same amount of probiotics if not more. A fact that makes this a more preferable fermented product than its Korean and German counterparts.

This delicious product is great gut food, very healthy for you, and the ingredients used in making it are all sourced from (UAE) local, organic farms during season. Once fermented these ingredients are then preserved in MOONEH's outstanding certified organic, extra virgin olive oil.

We do not use any ready made products, including the ferment base and cultures, we always make our own and so we control every flavor that is present in our products and this is why we can give you memorable flavors and the freshest quality possible.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve with warm bread, use in sandwiches works really well with chicken, turkey or tuna. Serve with rice or as a side to rice-based dishes.

Packaging: Available in 400g glass jars