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DS Frozen Malfoof (Rolled Cabbage Leaves) ملفوف مفرز

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FROZEN PRODUCT LABELOrganic Label Locally grown, fresh from the farm label Premium Quality Label

Everyone loves Malfoof, but everyone dreads the lengthy prep. We took the hard work away from you and created this outstanding frozen rolled cabbage leaves for you that is ready to cook anytime!

This is especially made for busy families, working people who do not have the time needed for boiling and rolling the cabbage leaves, yet would still love to cook this at home. We make it exactly as you would make it at home -homemade quality and not in any way commercial quality- using the best ingredients. The filling is the classic rice and minced lean beef seasoned with DS Spices and we use local organic cabbages. Each leaf is individually rolled by hand, not using machines. After rolling, the rolls are placed in the tray and wrapped to seal. Then immediately frozen to keep in best shape and quality.

This product is made to be used for different cuisines rolled cabbage leaves. Works for the Levantine, Egyptina, Iraqi as well as Turkish preps of rolled Cabbage leaves. Our customers have used it in all these preps and loved it, you will too.

Contains garlic.

Once purchased you can either continue freezing until needed or thaw and cook straight away.

Our packaging is 1 KG rolled cabbage leaves in disposable foil containers. The quantity serves 4.


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