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DS Gluten-Free Maple & Cinnamon Muesli حبوب إفطار بالقرفة والميبل خالية من الغلوتين

A delightful breakfast option packed with super foods. When we say superfoods we mean all superfoods and when we say packed we mean really packed, no skimping here! Most of the store bought ones have mostly oats and just a tiny amount of the superfoods. We actually have them in large ratios and when you taste our Muesli you will know the difference.

We do not use any cane sugars or refined sugars to sweeten our Muesli as in other products in the market, we use a very small amount of pure organic maple syrup and trick your mind into thinking it is sweeter than it really is through the use of sweet spices such as cinnamon and vanilla. All organic and in best quality. Also we use GF oats to cater to those intolerant to gluten. These oats are a cleaner version of the regular oats in the market. The outcome is divine!

Serving Suggestions:

Serve with yogurt, we love it with figs infused yogurt, drizzle with some honey if you like and see how you will be waiting for breakfast every day! Also fabulous for a layer over bread dough before baking and over loaf cakes. Work well for parfaits too.

Our packaging is in 250g & 350g recycled paper craft bags.


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