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DS Goats' Milk Semi-Hard Labneh لبنة حليب الماعز الجامدة

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Semi-hard Labneh is a favorite on Levantine tables. It is also known as the Labneh of the Mountains as mountainous areas where the goats grow are known for making this type of Labneh. It is absolutely Heavenlt, with sour notes and perfect texture.

We make this semi-hard labneh purely (100%) from goats' milk, sourced from the UAE. No preservatives, additives or any nasties, just pure goats' milk, pasteurized, and with a little salt for the perfect balance of flavour.

Serving Suggestions:

Whether served in a plate with a bit of oil, spread over toasted bread or used as a base to many dishes and sandwiches, this is so good it will make you come back for more! Absolutely delicious!


Our packaging is in 200g, 500g containers

We can provide 1 KG to order, get in touch to inquire 0552278206

Shelf life 2 weeks

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