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DS Goats' Milk Yoghurt لبن حليب الماعز

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Goats' milk yogurt is a staple in the Jordanian and Palestinian Pantries. So much so that lunch is incomplete without this yogurt. It has to be sour, rich and absolutely decadent and that is exactly what this is.

This yogurt is made 100% from goats' milk, sourced from the UAE. No preservatives, additives or any nasties, just pure goats' milk, pasteurized, and with a little salt for the perfect balance of flavour.

Serving Suggestions:

Whether served next to food or used to mix into the many salads and appetisers for a rich and creamy texture, or maybe for breakfast with some muesli or honey and fruits... YUM!! This yogurt is always delicious. 

Our packaging is in 1Kg sealed containers

Shelf life 25 days

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