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DS Organic Green Shatta (Green Chili Sauce) شطة خضراء

Dhs. 55.00

Green Shatta, a savory flavor that suits all palates looking for a spicy kick. Made out of green chilies, you cannot miss the green pepper flavor. It does not make sense that when it comes to chili sauces you only feel the heat and taste vinegar and salt, so we make sure you taste every ingredient we use. The heat is there, however the palate is complex allowing you to taste every other ingredient too. The fermentation process just concentrates all the flavors, making this such an appetizing addition to your cooking.

The green chilies are sourced from the local organic farmers. This is a product made using local organic produce.

Serving suggestions:

Can be had as is with bread fab addition to all foods (before, during or after cooking). Pairs especially well with white meats, hummus, falafel and lentil based dishes. No wonder why we can hardly keep up with making it!

Our packaging is in 200g and 400g glass jars