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DS Kalamata Olives زيتون كلاماتا اليوناني

These Kalamata olives are sourced from a personal friend’s small farm in Crete in Greece. Dima loves doing business with friends because she knows she can trust their products and always loves supporting their passions too.

Kalamata olives usually go through a chemical processing that keeps the olives’ shape and structure in tact for long bringing. This Greek farm is enthusiastic about keeping the olives all natural and so she had devised a way to keep the olives in tact without carrying out the whole chemical processing.

As a result, the olives’ texture is gorgeous, and also the taste is so superior as it has not been tempered with through use of chemicals. These Kalamata olives do not have that metallic flavor usually present in this variety of readily available ones in stores, yet possess a sharp tangy flavor of superior quality traditional Kalamata olives.

Our packaging is in 400g

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