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DS Mastic Crystals حبوب المستكة

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From the Greek island Chios, come these premium mastic crystals that add a haunting flavor to your food and desserts. Mastic flavor is widely known in Levantine, Greek and Turkish cuisines and is absolutely a very unique and unforgettable flavor. Also known as the caviar of flavors sue to its rich, unforgettable and expensive nature.

Mastic is also a gelling agent a natural binding agent mostly used in desserts and yogurt/milk based concoctions. Molecular gastronomy had popularized the use of mastic, however the most traditional Middle Eastern foods and sweets have all been using this flavoring since ancient times.

We buy from a small nursery in Chios, Greece and in limited quantities. As is usually the case with mastic we sell this premium quality mastic crystals by the gram.

Price of the gram is AED 1.7