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DS Mini Warbat Bil Ishta وربات بالقشطة حجم صغير

(Easch order is 24 mini pieces)

This classic Arabic dessert is an absolute treat. Crunchy on the outside filled with soft DS Clotted Cream and pistachio, then soaked in sugar syrup. Absolutely to die for!

Arabic sweets are known to be too heavy and too drenched with Sugar Syrup, I have created this recipe that is actually light and not too sweet either. This will not leave you over sweetened, the flavor is very balanced, but it will leave you fully satisfied.

We make our own fresh Filo dough, and our own clotted cream and sugar syrup. We do not use ready made ingredients, we make everything from scratch. As such we are able to give you an unmatched flavour and texture.

We make them in no guilt small sizes, very elegant to serve for tea and when entertaining. Give them a try you will love them.

The make a very special gift too!