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DS Preserved Lemon (Moroccan) مخلل ليمون مغربي

Dhs. 70.00

Preserved lemons are Moroccan cuisine's most iconic flavors. Preserved lemons are a must have Moroccan pantry ingredient and we make them according to the traditional recipe of  Moroccan homes. Adding a pinch of Saffron in every jar to bring you the distinctive aroma of Moroccan homes.


Serving Suggestions:

This is a perfect pickle to serve as a relish especially with stews and rice based dishes, and is also delicious with warm soft bread. A fantastic addition to everything, from Labneh to scrambled eggs, to tagines and stews... it works across the board adding a distinct and very special flavor to the dish.Pickled Lemons work very well in sandwiches, especially good with chicken and fish. An excellent addition to baked fish or salmon during the cooking or after cooking as a crust.

Our packaging comes in 500g glass jars