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DS Nabulsi Cheese جبنة نابلسية

This cheese is a traditional Palestinian white cheese, the specialty of the city Nablus. A very uniquely flavored white cheese, made out of a mixture of both, ewe’s and goat’s milk. It is one of those products, where the variety available in the UAE market is a replica that is no way near the authentic and high quality original Nabulsi cheese.

Dima personally, looked throughout Jordan for the best Nabulsi cheese maker and found one who was very close to the cheese created in Nablus. "Close" but not quite, so she agreed with the maker to follow her own family recipe for Nabulsi cheese, and together they made a few batches, that were finally chosen to be made exclusively for this “MOONEH“ range.

Once bought the cheese needs to be sweetened by boiling in fresh water, as this cheese following ancient preservation methods is cured in salt (no preservatives or chemicals). As such it cannot be eaten as is, and must be boiled before eating to rid it of the extra salt. This is great because how sweet/savoury you wish the cheese to be is totally up to you. Prolonged boiling results in sweeter cheese.

For salty flavor boil for 10 minutes in fresh water. For sweeter boil for 20 minutes, for sweet cheese boil for 35 minutes then soak in fresh water over night. The sweet cheese is the traditional choice for making desserts such as Knafeh and Atayef...etc.

Once boiled the cheese will last for up to 5 days in the fridge. Before boiling the cheese remains good for use up to 2 years when preserved in its brine in the fridge.

Our packaging is in 400g glass jars. Also available in 2.5 KG Tins.

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