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DS Organic Dried Zaatar Mix زعتر

Dhs. 55.00

Following the traditional Palestinian recipe we use pure Zaatar in making this Dried Zaatar mix. We only add a bit of salt for preservation and some sesame seeds as traditionally done. This is not mixed with any other flavors, spices, or ingredients... it is really pure Zaatar.

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We do not buy ready mixes, we actually buy the Zaatar and dry the leaves, then hand roll them into the fine texture you get. This is why our Zaatar is very differently colored and textured than what you will find in the market. People stopped making Zaatar this way because its laborious and also expensive to produce this way, which is why most Zaatar in the market these days is cheat Zaatar and not really Zaatar! No we Brought back the old traditional Zaatar and the flavors of your childhood. This is why the UAE raves about DS Zaatar.

Serving suggestions:

use mixed with olive oil in making sandwiches, serve for breakfast with bread and olive oil. use in making Manakish pastries, use as a seasoning in cooking. Works well where you would use oregano. Pairs with all types of meats and works exceptionally well with tomato based sauces.

Our packaging is in 100g glass jars, 500g vacuum bags, 1 kg vacuum bags