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DS Organic Dukkah دقة زعتر

Dhs. 55.00

Following Dima’s personal family recipe, She created this Dukkah that pleases every palate. We use DS Dried Zaatar to make this Dukkah and add DS Pure Sumac, DS Dukkah Spice Mix and ground hazelnuts to make this premium Dukkah.

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We do not buy ready mixes, we actually buy the Zaatar and dry the leaves for making our DS Dried Zaatar Mix, we also make our own signature Dukka Spice Mix. This is why this Dukka truly is an outstanding product.

Serving suggestions:

This Dukka makes an excellent sandwich when mixed with olive oil, can be used in making Manakish too. It is an excellent seasoning for roasted chicken or fish and a great garnish for so many breakfast dishes like labneh or even fried eggs. Not just breakfast, but soups and stews too! A very versatile ingredient, a pantry must have.

Our packaging is in 150g fancy glass jars & 100g glass jars