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DS Organic Green Olives In Brine زيتون أخضر بلدي

Dhs. 65.00

The green olives are sourced from Dima’s family farm in the North of Jordan. This farm houses Nabali olive trees, the variety that is native to Palestine, and it produces premium organic olives, with a fruity nose.

The Farm is ISO 9001 and HACCP certified and strictly adheres to the best practices. The farm received many certificates including King Abdullah II of Jordan Certificate of Appreciation and Ministry of Agriculture Award of Excellence. In addition, as of 2013/14 harvest, our farms have been fully certified by IMO Switzerland and the harvest is labeled “Organic”.

These olives are de-bittered in water then brined the traditional Palestinian way. They enjoy a tangy and slightly spicy flavor and are ideal for table, cooking and salad purposes.

Our packaging is in 400g glass jars