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DS Organic Tomato Jam مربى البندورة

This is a surprising flavor, you would never think tomatoes are capable of offering caramel notes, but they totally do! The Middle Eastern version of tomato jam is an old and mostly forgotten jam recipe that for no apparent or good reason people stopped making! Dima is adamant on bringing this jam back to the table and so she created this one to ensure people are reminded of its amazing sweet, caramel flavor.

This is but one of our full range of stunning vegetable jams. The beetroots are sourced locally from the local organic farmers and are the freshest quality available produced while in season for best results.

Serving Suggestions:

A fantastic jam to have with bread and butter, on cheese boards, in burgers, sandwiches and fabulous in salad dressings.

Our packaging is in 200g glass jars.

** We have to use sugar to preserve jam, and we do, however we only use raw, unrefined organic sugar in the making of our jam range. Also while it is the common market practice to use over 85% sugar and artificial flavorings and less than 15% fruits and vegetables, we do the total opposite, we use over 85% fruits/vegetables and less than 15% sugars in making our jams. Making our jams a much better option for you (both health wise and flavor wise.

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