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DS Pickled Green Beans & Walnuts مكدوس فاصوليا

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Pickled Green Beans & walnuts is a popular Palestinian cuisine relish (also known as Makdoos Fasoolia) with a very distinct crunchy texture and tangy, nutty flavor. The fermentation process concentrates the savory green bean flavor.

Serving Suggestions:

The crunchy green beans and walnuts are a texture made in heaven especially against the melting soft bread or in rice dishes. This relish adds such special flavor making the experience highly addictive! also great with fish and poultry.

The green beans are sourced from the local organic farmers and the organic green walnuts are sourced from Turkey. We also use another one of our best loved MOONEH products in making this variety of Makdoos which is the Organic Red Shatta. We do not use any ready made products that are not our own in making our products, we make everything from scratch including the Shatta in this case! This is really what sets our MOONEH products apart from the rest of the mass produced ones in the market.

Our packaging is in 400g and 500g glass jars.

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