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DS Pure Pomegranate Molasses دبس الرمان النقي

Dhs. 42.00

Pomegranate molasses is a traditional Middle Eastern pantry item. Who does not like the tangy deep flavor of pomegranate molasses drizzled all over their Fattoush salad, or over their roasted carrots and of course not to forget over Muhammara! This is pure heavenly 

Our Pomegranate Molasses is made using pure pomegranate and without the addition of any sugars, liquids or additives. This is why we label it as Pure Pomegranate Molasses. 

Seasonality: In the UAE, the pomegranate season is in November.

Uses: Can be drizzled over any salads for its tanginess, works exceptionally well with roasted root vegetables as well as over roasted cauliflower and eggplants. Also fantastic drizzled over almost all middle eastern starters. It is used in cooking too, for example in cooking Malfoof (rolled cabbage leaves) or cooking sujuk in pomegranate sauce, so good! You literally can add pomegranate anywhere you wish to add a sour note or anywhere you would use lemon. Finally use it with olive oil, just as you would Balsamic vinegar, it adds a beautiful Levantine touch to your tables.

Packaging: Available in 700 ml glass bottles.