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DS Pure Carob Molasses دبس الخروب النقي

Dhs. 55.00

Carob molasses is a traditional Middle Eastern pantry item, in Palestinian cuisine it is used in making sweets and desserts as well as a must have on the breakfast table mixed with Tahini as a cure for all ailments (as traditionally believed) and also for everlasting energy. It is a delicious and distinctly flavoured Molasses very similar to Date Molasses. It is categorized by the Food Network as "The best thing you never ate" so it really is a must try!

for those of you not familiar with Carob, it is the fruit of a tree that grows naturally in the Mediterranean climate. It is very similar to dates, and is just as sweet. In its raw form, the fruit is bright green.  It turns brown when it dries. 

Seasonality: Carob is harvested in autumn and is used in many foods and pharmaceutical products.

Health Benefits: Carob has many health benefits, most important of which is its ability to fight cancer (see carob health benefits on this link)

Uses: Can be used anywhere you would use Treacle, Date or Grape Molasses. Can be simply mixed with tahini for a cane sugar-free caramel experience. Can be used in making chocolate fillings or to drizzle over cakes, especially Tahini cake, but also works very well with vanilla and chocolate cakes. Can be used as a cane sugar substitute across the board.

Packaging: Available in 250 ml glass bottles.