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DS Pure Sumac سماق صافي

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Sumac is a traditional Middle Eastern flavor that definitely adds the Levant touch to your cooking. It is a zesty, tangy flavor with lemony notes. The flavor here is  strong due to the fact that it is not mixed with any other ingredients that mask its natural flavor. We purchase this sumac from a small nursery in Jordan and we carry out the full drying and grinding process ourselves. This is really what sets our MOONEH products apart from the rest of the mass produced ones in the market. We control every flavor that is present in our products and this is why we can give you unbeatable flavors and the freshest quality possible.


Serving Suggestions:

Sumac can be used across the board where salads are concerned, and is a a known addition to roasted or fried vegetables, fish and seafood, as well as a gorgeous garnish for sandwiches and soups. It is the must use ingredient in the Palestinian dish Musakhan. 

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