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DS Pure Negin Saffron Threads زعفران إيراني نخب أول

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DS Pure Negin Saffron, originating from Iran, is the highest quality saffron you can get. The highest quality of the Saffron-threads is referred to as "Negin". Translated, Negin means "the diamond on a ring"and as such it is the most valuable kind of saffron.

These saffron stigmas have the volume and the thread length of Pushal and also the colour intensity of Sargol, which is not achievable through the use of any artificial colour and therefore are absolutely pure.

This quality has according to ISO-Norm 3632-2 

  • colouring, Crocin, of about 240
  • flavour, Safranal, of about 50
  • bitterness, Picrocrocin, of about 95.


AVAILABLE IN 1g and 0.5g containers


Saffron is the dried orange-red stigma of a particular kind of crocus flower. There are only 3 stigmas in each flower, and you have to harvest them carefully by hand just as the flower is opening. It takes almost 170,000 crocus flowers to produce just one kilogram of dried saffron, which explains why saffron is a spice that comes with a high price tag.

Saffron has a very subtle flavor and aroma — some say it's floral, some say it's like honey, and some would just say pungent. The flavor can be hard to nail down and described. If you're going for authenticity in dishes like Biryani, Paella, Bouillabaisse, And Risotto Milanese you've got to have saffron. It is used heavily in Iranian, Moroccan, Sicilian and Indian cuisines and anywhere its used there is really no substitute for its flavor.

When buying saffron, look for threads that are uniformly long and have an eye-popping color. Don't bother with broken saffron, saffron powder, or threads that look dull and dusty, they're not worth the cost. This is definitely one of those spices where it's worth it to pay more. So-called "bargain" saffron is probably very old or mixed with saffron styles (another part of the crocus) or marigold flowers or safflower.