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DS Pure Sesame Tahini طحينة سمسم نقي

Dhs. 65.00

For making DS Pure Sesame Tahini Dima found a small farm by the border of Oman that produces sesame, and since then she had been buying their crop and using it in her kitchen. Both as sesame seeds and also in making this amazing DS Tahini to her standard.

This tahini is made out of pure sesames without mixing different oils or adding any oils to increase the yield. It is cold pressed and pasted and as such it will not separate into mostly oil and just a little thick lump of tahini at the bottom. And the flavor is really really good tahini flavor.

It is our mission to bring back proper ingredients, proper flavors the old flavors of childhood back when food was done right. We follow the same old and traditional methods in our production and so we do give you the flavors you grew up with which you all love and want to have at your tables.

Our packaging is in 700g glass jars