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DS Shanklish (Cow Milk) شنكليش

Dhs. 20.00

Shanklish is fermented and aged cheese balls that are about 6cm in diametre, made from any type of milk. Traditionally goat milk Shanklish is the choice, but typical of this day and age, cow milk shanklish is usually more readily available.

Once the cheese curds are fermented, and rolled into balls, they are usually rolled into zaatar and Aleppo peppers and then left to age. The fermentation makes shanklish pungent, and the more aged the more strong its aroma and flavor.

Serving suggestions:

It is usually served mixed with finely chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, olive oil and parsley. Usually had with pita bread, and part of the Levantine Mezze options. Can be also had in sandwiches, not very common but works, especially with mint and cucumber.

You can also crumble over salads, or over roasted vegetables too. I especially like it over a kale salad.

Contains Dairy.
Sold by ball, vacuum packed in chiller safe bags. Each bag is ball is approximately 250-340g