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DS Organic Smoked Red Shatta (Smoked Red Chili Sauce) شطة مدخنة

Dhs. 65.00

This is a smoked, sweet and savory flavor. Smoked red shatta is more like a BBQ sauce but with a good kick. Because our belief is that, when it comes to chili sauces, It does not make sense that you only feel the heat and taste vinegar and salt as with all store bought ones! No we make sure you taste good and complex flavors even in a chili sauce. For this Shatta we do not use liquid smoke or smoking powders, no we actually have our own secret wood chip recipe and method created especially for this Shatta, and it delivers a beautiful bold smoked flavour. The heat is there, however the palate is complex touching on good bold smoke, and sweet BBQ notes as well as hot spicy kick.

The red chilies are sourced from the local organic farmers. This is a product made using local organic produce.

Serving Suggestions:

This Shatta is fantastic in all things BBQ, in sandwiches, sauces and dips and is particularly beautiful in all things Mexican food. It is good for using before, during and after cooking. We really hardly keep up making it, as it always flies!

Our packaging is in 750g and 200g glass jars