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DS Pickled Cucumber (Spiced) مخلل خيار بالأعشاب والفلفل

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Perhaps cucumbers are the most popular pickled vegetables around the globe. And we too love cucumber pickles, especially when they come straight from the local organic farms. They are cut in the early morning hours, in our kitchen by 8 am and in the jars by 6 pm!! Yes that fresh and therefore that good.

We have also created this special pickle for a burger joint in town where the pickles are aromatized with fresh local organic dills, garlic and coriander seeds as well as black pepper seeds. The outcome was superb absolutely amazing for all kinds of sandwiches especially burgers. Everyone loves this one! And you will too.

We always source the best quality ingredients and because we make everything from scratch, non- reliant on any ready made or mass produced products we are able to control every flavor that is present in our products. This is why we can give you unbeatable flavors and the freshest quality possible.

Our packaging comes in 400g glass jars

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