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DS Gourmet Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract مستخلص الفانيلا

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Yes you know it! Madagascar Bourbon is the best variety of vanilla in the world. Renowned for its intense aroma, and rich, creamy flavour. In the world of vanilla, this is the best there is! And we have used this variety of vanilla beans to make our Alcohol-free vanilla extract.

Our Vanilla beans used here are sourced from the best vanilla farms, at fair prices, these gourmet, Grade A, non-GMO and fair trade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are the best to have. They are moist, soft and pliable with an average moisture content of 33%. Each bean is thick and packed with millions of tiny vanilla seeds.

Using Suggestions:

Use for baking, brewing and add to your coffees/teas for an intense vanilla flavor. You can mix with sugar syrup to add vanilla flavor to your syrup. Also use to glaze your bakes. You really cant go wrong here.

Packaging: 100 ml glass bottle.

Contains sugar, Free from additive/preservative. Alcohol-free

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