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DS KETO Frozen Manakeesh Dough (Gluten-free) عجينة مناقيش لحمية الكيتو



When on KETO, you most probably don't think Manakeesh or Pizza. If you do, then you think of cauliflower dough and long prep.. No, not anymore! Yes we have made the perfect Keto mankeesh/pizza dough, ready for you to buy and just add your toppings and bake. Yes! This weekend you too can enjoy your favorite Manakeesh breakfast or Pizza movie night. And you won't even tell the difference from the original dough!

Ingredients: Mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, eggs, Almond Flour, Baking Powder

This is a frozen product.Can be thawed in the microwave on high for 15 seconds, at room temperature for 30 minutes or in the fridge for 1 hour.

Macros per piece: Kcal 686, Net Carbs 8g, Fiber 6g, Protein 36g, Fat 56g

Packaging: in bags, 2 pieces each


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