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DS Labneh Stuffed Vine Leaves ورق عنب محشي لبنة

Dhs. 55.00

Everyone loves rolled vine leaves in oil for appetizers. This is another spin on the famous vine leaves appetizer, stuffed with DS Goat Milk Labneh and walnuts instead of the the usual rice stuffing. Everyone will love these, and you will proudly serve them on your appetizers buffet. Perfect for morning/afternoon gatherings, BBQ menus and work for every occasion.

We make this products using the most premium quality ingredients, each roll individually rolled by hand, not using machines. The rolls are then preserved in olive oil. 

Contains dairy and nuts.

Serve as is, just remove from the oil and place on a plate. The remaining olive oil is perfect to use in salad dressings. Once opened store in the fridge. Allow time for the oil to get back to liquid when you remove from the fridge.

Our packaging is 200g glass jars.