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RBN Design Black Hatta Acrylic Coasters

Stylish Acrylic Boxes that can be used as part of the table decor that can be filled with confections, napkins, or any other items. or for serving your guests cookies or chocolates when they are visiting.  Available in two color options, red or black and also available in 2 sizes: Large & Small.

The Hatta, shemagh or keffiyeh all of these are very well known names for many. 
The 7atta symbolizes tradition, heritage and history. It gained popularity as a chic fashion statement and becoming part of fashionable accessories.

Shemagh has always been a part of the fashion industry. Home decor, home accessories and home accents, these are all collective items that reflect part of who we are, they represent our interests in life, by adding tradition pieces it is a way of proudly showing our culture and history, in an enjoyable way. The idea of our products had come from adding tradition and culture in a modern way of living, in pieces which can be used in our daily life, by sharing them in hospitality, or as a meaningful gift.

The triangular shape of the products, was inspired by the shemagh is traditionally folded.

Instructions for Care:

Wash with mild soap and water and dry with soft cloth , or clean with damp soft cloth


SIZES:  large (38x26.8 cm) & small (25x17.6 cm)

Material:acrylic Hatta Pattern

Country: Jordan

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