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DS Roasted Garlic Paste صوص الثوم المشوي

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This is a milder and sweeter version of the popular garlic paste. A more interesting flavour for your garlic breads and marinades. It is absolutely delicious. And we do not just say that, we have in fact run a market test on this product before launching it and we sold out in the first hour! The customer feedback was fantastic, they all loved it and said they preferred it to the regular garlic paste.


Serving Suggestions:

Besides the traditional way of serving garlic paste next to grills and with fries or roasted potatoes, you can use this paste in all marinades, in salads, in sandwiches and also as a dip on your cheeseboards. I personally love rubbing chicken with it, then grilling in the oven. It works just as well with fish and meat.

Our packaging is in 200g glass jars

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