MOONEH LLC, Jebel Ali Commercial Complex, Gate 1, WH 21 (Dubai - UAE)

Buffet - Appetizers Cold - Smoked Whole Salmon سمكة سلمون كاملة مدخنة

Whole or half Salmon smoked in house, has a robust and bold smoked flavor. We do not use any smoking powders or liquid, we smoke the old fashioned way, using wood chips and this is what lends this salmon its iconic smoked flavor and texture.

Served with Homemade grainy Dijon mustard sauce

سمكة سالمون كاملة أو نص سمكة سلمون مدخنة في مطبخنا تقدم مع ديجون مسترد الخاص

Order at least 48 hours in advance