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Organic Cherry Spread (Sugar-Free) مربى الكرز العضوي خالي من السكر

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We are always asked about sugar-free jams. While all our own jams are not added sugar-free, we do carry an organic Italian brand for sugar free fruit spreads. This Cherry Spread contains no added sugar whatsoever. the sweetness is the fruits own, and once you taste you will be able to tell its added sugar-free.

The spread is so close to the strawberry spread you usually get, its clean, lean and is strawberry in every bite. 

Ingredients: cherries, lemon, grapes

  • Organic
  • No Added Sugar
  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Additives & Preservatives Free

Serving Suggestions:

A fantastic spread for your croissants, or bread and butter, great to use as a cake filling too, or a pastry filling. I also like using these spreads in my salad dressings for a fruity touch.

Our packaging is in 295g glass jars.

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