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DOSHI Soap - The Spa Collection Gift Basket

This is  the perfect gift for those who love their 'me time' and love enjoying the spa experience. With this collection you get the spa experience right at home. It is a gift your fiends will love you for.

This basket contains: 1 cinnamon soap bar, 1 sage soap bar, 1 mastic & rose soap bar, 1 Dead Sea mud soap bar, 1 lavender soap bar, 1 Moroccan Clay & Damascus rose soap bar, 1 lemongrass heart soap, 1 hibiscus and jasmine soap bar. 1 body scrub shower glove. 


About Doshi Soaps:

Handcrafted natural soaps made from the finest olive oil, organic coconut oil, and a variety of organic butters. They are scented with the purest organic essential oils through a cold process method. The cold process method means that no external heat is used, so that the natural ingredients are preserved and sustained to their full potential. Though this is a much longer process, but one that keeps the essential oils intact.

These soaps are inspired by the natural ingredients and resources found all around us on our earth. They are handmade with love, perfect for the face and body, suitable for the bath, sink or shower, free from toxins, sulfates, and preservatives, and they are never tested on animals.



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