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Wild Oregano by Astraea (Dried)

Who does not love Oregano! Whether sprinkled over a slice of pizza, worked into a flavorsome marinade, or stirred into a brothy soup, there’s no denying that oregano instantly improves any savory creation.

Originating in the mountains of Greece, this aromatic herb has long been a hallmark of cooking across the Mediterranean region. Since its first cultivation thousands of years ago, oregano has become a popular ingredient around the world, used to flavor dishes ranging from traditional Mexican pozole to zesty chimichurri. 

The Greek Astræa Wild Oregano, is painstakingly collected from the mountain ranges of Samothraki by the local women's co-op and is not a product of cultivation. Wild herbs grown naturally are known to be tastier and more potent than their cultivated counterparts.


Health Benefits:

Oregano contains polyphenols and flavones and therefore has very a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. In folk medicine, it is usually used to treat stomach cramps. It can be had in tea to calm a soar stomach.

Packaging: 20g tubes


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