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Wooden Cheeseboard with Stone Slate & Stainless Cheese Knives & Forks بورد وسكاكين وشوَك لتقديم الجبنة

This cheeseboard comes with a ceramic bowl for dip, and a magnetic knife holder as well as a stone slate that can be removed and used separately. So many options as how to use and display your cheeseboard. Easy to store and very handy to use.

Wether for your own entertaining or as a gift to a friend, this cheeseboard will be a loved and a frequently used kitchen item.

If you are planning to gift this to a friend, we can also fill it up with cheese, crackers and dips to make the most delicious and impressive gift. Get in touch to know more about this option 0552278206


This item includes all the pieces as seen in the pictures.



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